Why a blog about expatriate life?

It’s been 5 years, one month and one day since we officially became an expatriate family. Currently in Jakarta, Indonesia on our second posting I feel as though the last five years has been a new life filled with joys, down moments, new discoveries and much soul-searching. We are all older (kids, hubby & I), more settled into the nomadic life, but it has not always been easy. Actually it’s been hard getting to the point of accepting and appreciating this somewhat unstable life.

The adjustments and its ensuing obstacles have influenced me to start this blog geared toward expatriates and the often unknown and unexpected challenges we face.

Through ExpatOnTheGo I will talk about life as an expat in Indonesia, USA and expatriate life in general. I will provide relocation tips, sources for support and options for expatriate kids. For the expatriate mom, ExpatOnTheGo will become a sounding board, a source for information and a place for inspiration. The world may have gotten smaller but with it comes challenges for familes that have made the word their playground. For me the world is my playground but Jamaica (my home country) is my favourite jungle gym.

Until next time….One Love.

2 thoughts on “Why a blog about expatriate life?

  1. Love the blog hun. Yes this is my second xmas away from home and I am also missing the cool breeze, grand market, ackee and saltfish and the overpacked planes (Jamaicans try to bring home everything!). What are the Indonesian christmas traditions? Im sure there are a few christians

    • Hey Nats, there are no Indonesian Christmas tradition as the society is predominantly Muslim. The holidays here is what you make it. The malls and shopping areas are primarily targetted to expats so there you will here Christmas carols and Christmas sale signs etc. but no real Christmas tradition. There are Christians but that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Lots of expat Christians but not many practising Christians if you know what I mean?

      You have me wanting the ackee & saltfsh now…..oh dear. The overpacked planes, especially Air J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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