Love of Law & Order & many other TV Shows: Am I addicted?

I have been in Indonesia for 4 months and 3 days and am still annoyed at the fact that Law & Order is not shown here. Do I need to write to the Minister of Government with responsibility for media to get an answer? I have tried talking to my cable provider about it but that ends just as well as my attempts to get waitresses here to bring everybody’s order within the same 10 minutes. My Bahasa Indonesia is nonexistent and their english is quite limited.

I am an avid fan of all things Law & Order. They make it and I watch it. Can someone please ask Santa to stop on his way down from the North Pole and bring me the latest season of Law & Order SVU, Law & Order or even Law & Order Criminal Intent. I can even google the address and opening hours of the store most convenient for Santa to stop.

Let me not complain and be grateful that they at least carry Criminal Minds . The only problem is that they are carrying an older season and I am such a fan of the show that I have watched them all already. This is where I must say thank you to the Supreme Being(s) for blessing me with a special gift: an ability to watch the same show several times and feel as though I have never watched it before. Thank you God, Allah, Buddha and everyone else who it is believed may have had a hand in providing me with this gift. I won’t thank Haile Selassie though because I do not think he would have approved of my “wasting” time watching TV. I am grateful that Jack Bauer’s mission is over in 24 as I would probably be going crazy if I was unable to get my weekly fix of that amazing series. I am also still trying to figure out what has happened with Dark Blue, Hawthorne and everything else that I could not miss on tv while living in the US.

It is such a hard life  (yeah right). Let me stop complaining and be happy that CSI seems to always be on during the evenings. I am also proud to announce that NCIS is a staple on my evening tv watch list. To top it off I have discovered new treats such as Walking Dead (not a scary show fan but I love it, love it, love it). The disappointment was severe when on the night of the 5th episode it was announced that the season had ended. I am about ready to write placards and protest the injustice of getting me hooked and then only showing 5 episodes. Does anyone understand that I have given up dates with my husband to run home and watch Walking Dead? I got away with it because he also loves the show.

By the way, it has just dawned on me that I am a potential tv show addict. Oh father pilot me through this!!!! Do I have an addictive personality and not know it? Come to think of it I am also quite attached to my Blackberry and now to my blog…let me stop as this is getting worrying: my list of things to which I feel quite attached is growing. I will seek help if I get so attached to Indonesia that I do not want to leave at the end of our assignment. The place is actually growing on me but that’s for another blog.

Until next time…….One Love!!!

8 thoughts on “Love of Law & Order & many other TV Shows: Am I addicted?

  1. Enjoyable read. I saw you on the front page and am going to subscribe if that’s okay. I look forward to reading of your further experiences as an Expatriot.

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