Am I destined to a life of belly fat?

It’s Boxing Day (day after Christmas) and once again I have overeaten, drank too much and am already trying to convince myself that the new year will be the time to get disciplined and start having salads for lunch (instead of steak and potatoes or that creamy spinach with seafood pasta, served at Toscano here in Jakarta. Not to mention the mojito at Koi or the Irish Stew at Murphy’s Pub). Here I am all distracted and wondering if Monday is too early to call Emma and suggest that we do lunch. This is the problem with weight loss or as a friend of mine likes to say, “keeping your weight in check.”

If I am to be  honest, I know that my level of discipline is minimal, I am a foodie: I love foods of all kinds and  sorts. Does this mean that I am destined to be heavier than my cute weight? (weight at which I think I am quite cute, belly fat at a minimum and flabs on arms not as obvious, ) It is hard to accept that my choices are:

(a) to be at my cute weight and unhappy (given that I would be having tofu salad  with water for lunch and sautéed vegetables with one ounce of rice for dinner).

(b) to eat whatever I like and be happy but struggle with being too big.

No!!!!!!!!!! The solution is (and I know this from an academic point of view but cannot move it pass the theory stage) to eat wisely (not sure what that truly means) and exercise regularly. Maybe if I write that down 20 times per day I could make it happen. How many of you have read the book, The Secret? If I follow the principle in the book then I should be able to will myself to exercise at least 4 times per week. “Yeah right,” says me with a smirk on my face while wondering if I could eat leftovers for breakfast this morning.

While we are discussing this issue of the best way to maintain a sensible weight, let me share with you a tried and proven weight loss program that can be found in Indonesia (and I have been told several other Asian countries). Getting sick by a parasite infesting your stomach. Within a day of arriving here in August I got sick, then I got better, then I got sick, then I got better, and this went on for at least two months. One of the welcoming Indonesian parasites found in foods had decided to set up home (with a large family in tow) in my body. I will spare you all the details but let us just say I lost a good 15 lbs. While this weight loss method has been tested and proven by many an expat here in Jakarta, it is hard on the body and may not be the best strategy.

So what am I left with as options for my conundrum since not only  am I too lazy and undisciplined to keep up an exercise program,  but I love food too much to eat less and absolutely cannot manage another bout of parasite? (though I thank them for their  contribution to my weight loss management project)) The answer is still floating somewhere out there but by the powers vested in me by God, Allah, Buddha and every other Supreme Being ( I will even include Haile Selassie on this one), I commit to finding a way to keep  fitting into that red dress I wore to Christmas dinner yesterday. I commit to getting into an exercise rhythm but I will not foolishly lie and say that I will eat less. We have one life to live: why spend it eating tofu?

Until next time…..One Love

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5 thoughts on “Am I destined to a life of belly fat?

  1. While you struggle with that decision, I faced the same one last year, and like you I am too lazy to exercise and love food too much to be eating tofu (yuk). I made an extra effort and an unconventional decision, I joined the female football team at work. Training was twice a week for two hours give and take, but the running up and down burned the extra calories which I then consumed again hence maintaining my cute weight – I even lost some weight and even though being knocked down on the field hurt (really really hurt) it was fun and worth it, looking forward to next year. Best thing about it, I crossed one thing off my “life’s to do list” – next up riding a kawasaki bike

    • Aldith thanks for sharing that tip about getting active. I am actually considering belly dancing. It is too polluted here in Jakarta to play outside for long. Let us know when you learn to ride the bike.

  2. I can relate to you. I am really unhappy with my weight but it seems I am unmotivated to do anything about it. I’m thinking though that it will be soon because I feel worse everyday and hate to even put a ounce of food in my mouth (not that it’s stopped me…) because I always feel bloated and fat. Sad for me.

    • Hi Marie,
      You should probably visit Jakarta and get a good bout of parasite to kick start the weight loss. I am more motivated now since I see how fabulous I can look with less weight. That said however, I do not like exercising and I love love love food.

  3. Belly dancing is awesome. Not only does it make you feel like the ultimate woman, but it is a great workout. I think that is the key – find something you truly enjoy doing so that it doesn’t feel like a routine.
    As for food – I think it’s all about moderation. As long as you don’t overdo it, you will be fine. It’s best to cut down on the carbs, sugar, creams, etc. but having a little a day keeps you in check. If you adhere to tofu, you are more likely to binge.
    You can create a new diet to be the “cute you.” 🙂

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