The Real Reasons to Get Married: Guest Blog

Diana Antholis who blogs at Enter:Adulthood is a great friend I met in grad school. She is of Greek origins, is lighthearted and loves chocolate. Diana is also responsible for motivating me to start my own blog and a few days ago she invited me to be a guest writer on her blog.

The link below takes you to our cowritten blog on the real reasons to get married. At first I thought that I was no expert on marriage but truth be told I am an expert as I am married to a fantastic guy who while not perfect makes me quite happy (except when he doesn’t). Can I honestly say that I know for sure we will never separate: NO I can’t, because everyday is a new day with new challenges. What I can say however is that we are in love with each other, have mutual respect and act as each others pillars in life.

Read the blog at and leave us your comments.

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