Arrogance That Kills…

I am a Christian not by choice but by luck of the draw. Many reading this may be offended by my comment but I offer no apology. The world has gone crazy in the name of religion. It is Easter and I am living half way around the world from my family and friends, from all that I have known Easter to be. A typical Easter weekend in Jamaica includes attending church services, watching several episodes of the crucifixion of Christ and eating an ungodly amount of Jamaican bun and cheese, fried fish and mongoose bread (no the bread is not made from mongoose). I am already quite grumpy as I have no bun and cheese and my youngest child told me that Easter is a “time when kids go egg hunting”. She has no idea of the true meaning of Easter. I am most bothered by her ignorance as it highlights our failure as her parents to teach her the basics in the Christian philosophy (I am conflicted as to why this bothers me.

 Our failures, the lack of bun and cheese and my bad mood aside, this Easter is proving to be sad. Once again ignorance and intolerance have raised their ugly heads and it is a little too close for comfort. The excerpt below from a local newspaper explains my feelings:

“Indonesian police foiled Islamic extremists’ plan to bomb a church ahead of Easter celebrations in Serpong, just outside of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. On Thursday, authorities discovered 3330 pounds of explosives not far from Christ Cathedral Church. Bombs were found beneath a gas pipeline and in bags near the church entrance. Police safely diffused the explosives after 10 painstaking hours, according to officials. The militant cell had planned to detonate the explosives remotely using a mobile phone at 9am on Good Friday, just when service at the 3000 seat Catholic church would begin. Indonesian officials placed the nation in a state of high alert – ramping up security at embassies, religious sites and tourist destinations as well as areas frequented by foreign diplomats.”

Living within close proximity to Serpong I feel threatened and at risk. Why are we killing each other? Why are we intolerant of differences? Why does our arrogance allow us to believe that our individual beliefs are more accurate than that of our neighbours? I am sorry to burst the bubble but it is a luck of the draw which dictates most of our beliefs. Luck isn’t even a suitable enough word. I have been socialized Christian because I was born in Jamaica and the missionaries from England were the ones who influenced my forefathers. I did not choose to be Christian: I can only claim it as a choice after having studied the others with an open mind and still select it as my religion of choice. This I have not done so I maintain that I am socialized Christian, not Christian by choice .

To everyone who believes their religion is best I say “Kiss Kitty K Y Minus Plus”. Get over yourselves and stop the utter rubbish. Whatever or whoever you believe keep it to yourself. If you feel you must share then be respectful of those who differ.

Until next time…….One Love!!!!!!!

One thought on “Arrogance That Kills…

  1. I love this line: “Why does our arrogance allow us to believe that our individual beliefs are more accurate than that of our neighbours?”

    I totally agree! And why does the truth of one religion have to threaten the truth of another? We are so limited and we don’t really know how the universe works… for all we know, all of the religions true – just different manifestations of a supreme being (however you wanna call it). So many wars have been launched and lives lost in the name of religion. In your words: ‘Get over yourselves and stop the utter rubbish.’

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