The Danger of Boredom

A Wii Remote with a Wii MotionPlus attached.

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The situation in Libya was beginning to bore me. Living in this part of the world we tend to tune into the news first thing in the morning and day after day we are bombarded with footage of guns, warfare, death, danger and rubbles. It was beginning to seem monotonous and boring but this morning something inside me went off like a lightning bolt. I was embarrassed that I had stopped caring about the situation in Libya. Today the social development specialist in me pushed itself forward and my boredom became anger, pity and dread.

I sat glued to the tv screen as I watched males of all ages using guns with the same ease with which my 7 year old handles the Wii remote. Not sure if it was the $ 1 million bounty on Ghadafi’s head or the BBC reporter pointing out that the death toll really wasn’t that bad for 6 months of rebellion that woke me out of my state of boredom. I suddenly noticed that many of those touting powerful weapons seemed to be below the age of 24.

Do we truly understand the potential implications of youths with guns even for a cause? Have we grasped the fact that these ‘rebels’ are operating on adrenalin? Are we prepared for what we are creating? Where did the rebels get $ 1 million to offer as bounty for Ghadafi? What will fill the vacuum created by the need for the high created by this warfare? How do we tell these young men to find a nine to five job when the battle is over?

A large focus has been on whether or not the war was instigated by the Americans et al because of Libya’s oil wealth.  Personally I do not care about that as the powers are doing what they need to do the same way vultures do what they were created to do. What are we doing in our respective safe haven corners? Have we sat with our children and discussed the issues with them? I certainly have not and it is embarrassing. I am ashamed and I hang my head in shame and shall remedy the situation posthaste. Friends, the days have gone when we sit on the sidelines and simply blame everyone else when all goes awry. No country is beyond chaos and no society is without blame. I cannot afford to get bored and separate myself from what is happening.

It’s not just London Burning anymore. Do you remember that song from your childhood?

Until next time……..One Love!!!!!

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