Should I Learn to Dive or Belly/Pole Dance or Simply be Grateful?

It is the wee hours of the morning and for some reason I cannot seem to stay in bed which for me is strange because a lay-in is as precious a commodity as gold and platinum. So here I am, up writing a blog and torn about what exactly is my issue of the day. For the last few weeks I have been on a Jamaican political path but feel as though I am cheating my readers who follow my blogs to hear about my journey as an ex-politician turned expatriate wife living in a culture so opposite to hers that being zoomed up by a Martian would have seemed more familiar. So today I will focus on me and my life. Oh dear……

As many of you know I have not adjusted fully to my new life (6 years later and I still think of it as my new life). I still miss the things that I love and I am not just referring to jerk pork and stew peas with pig’s tail. I miss the campaign trail, the sense of purpose that does not involve teachers and swimming or golf lessons and most of all I miss having an identity outside of being Stephen’s wife or Alex and Amanda’s mom.

A Papuan Man Wearing His Penis Gourd....

I have lamented so much about these issues that I have not spent enough time being grateful: grateful for a life that has seen me grow both emotionally and physically (since becoming an expat I am at least 35 lbs heavier). Absolutely grateful for the friends I make livng abroad and for the things I get to see and to experience. Grateful for the time I am now able to spend with my family and for the joy in my kids’ eyes when I turn up for every event and meetings at school. My husband for the last few years has also been able to eat dinners and breakfasts cooked by me instead of by someone hired to make our lives easier. These are things which would not have been happening in our old life.

Posing with a 200 yr old mummy in Papua

 What I really need to do is to spend more time appreciating what I have and making the most of the opportunities in front of me instead of lamenting after the ones that have passed and gone. This is easier said than done but if I can adjust to living in a city where there is zero fresh air and 2% open space then by golly I can adjust my way of thinking about my life. What I should do is to start a list of things that I want to do, sort of like a bucket list but not quite so dramatic.

Let’s see, off the bat of my head I would want to:

Learn to ride a motorbike

Spend a month in Italy (here comes another 20lbs)

Learn to dive (I guess I need to learn to swim first. Yes I am from an island and cannot swim – I dare you to comment on this issue!!!!!).

Learn to belly and pole dance

Learn to drive a trailer

Be brave enough to bunjee jump

Run a marathon (not walk but run)

There is nothing stopping me from actually doing most of these things now but somehow I am stuck which is not good, not good at all. Maybe I should include them in my New Year’s Resolution.

Unto more exciting things – social commentary. I promise to be brief since this blog should be about me,  but what am I without social commentary?

Can someone please tell me what’s up with this “Spoil the Ballot Movement” in Jamaica? Come on guys, think of something more productive. A protest must be creative enough to have a following or else doing something as counterproductive as spoiling ballots will seem like mischief. Do not misunderstand me, I am all for protests (check my history of arrest) but they must serve a purpose that is attainable or at least be able to effect change in some way. Spoiling ballots will only cost our country money that it doesn’t have. If you are serious why not start a campaign to raise funds and back an Independent candidate? Why not engage and mobilize youths to get involved in the process and to protest against issues of relevance such as an end to garrison politics or more youth inclusion in policy issues? I poke fun at Betty-Ann Blaine but I respect the fact that she does her thing without being counterproductive.

I invite someone from the “Spoil the Ballot Movement” to make me believe in your cause. Give me a reason to support your movement. An action in itself cannot effect change without a compass to betterment.

Until next time….One Love.

8 thoughts on “Should I Learn to Dive or Belly/Pole Dance or Simply be Grateful?

  1. Things are looking up for me! Belly and pole dancing please! Love the comment about your arrest record, didn’t like the reality of it though!

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