Changes to ExpatOnTheGo

It is already mid-January but it is still important for me to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2011 is behind us and we must now look forward to 2012 and beyond. Personally I have not made any resolutions but I have spent much time thinking through the things that will make me feel as though 2012 brought success to my life. This includes:

* writing more

* eating better

* deciding what to do professionally (in the long run)

* spending more time being physical and by this I do not mean punching my husband in the stomach on a regular basis

* hubby and I taking charge of our financial future in a proactive and decisive manner

* travelling more to new places

* truly living each day rather than getting up and going through the motions

If I can make serious steps in the above areas then 2012 will be a wonderful year. As part of my new thrust I am creating a new blog called BuildANation. The purpose of this new forum will be to promote ideas that can lead to good governance: whether it be through politics, youth development, diaspora development or any other avenue that can help Jamaica to grow and meet her full potential. What BuildANation will also do is to allow me to use ExpatOnTheGo primarily for my rants as an expat wife and mother. For this I am sure my non-Jamaican readers will be happy.

Thank you for your support in 2011 and I look forward to having you in 2012 and beyond.

Until next time…….ONE LOVE

9 thoughts on “Changes to ExpatOnTheGo

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  2. I love the idea of your new blog… especially if it can some of the ideas can lead to action projects! And my rather vague New Year resolutions pretty much mirror yours… Have a joyful and productive 2012!

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