My Love for the Trenton..

There are those who may think I obsess about it and as hubby reminded me: when I have it, the enjoyment is less than what I expect or yearn for. This got me thinking that he is correct but strangely it hasn’t lessened my desire. I feel an emotion similar to my addiction to Law & Order whenever the urge hits me (see my previous post on this issue Living in Jakarta makes it even more desirable as the Muslim society ensures that the supply is limited given the low demand. As usual though I can count on the Chinese to provide me with an unlimited supply but absolutely none can compare to that which I love at the Spanish Town round about in Jamaica.

My dear doctor in Jamaica has told me time and time again to stop eating the goddamned pork from the spot I love because over and over again I get severe stomach cramps and diarrhea whenever I feast upon the best jerk pork in the world from my favourite spot. Let me clear up any misconceptions. There is nothing unclean about the preparation at that spot that gets me ill – I seem to be allergic to an ingredient in the secret formula. Do I care what that ingredient is? Nopes. Do I care that 8 out of 10 times I eat their jerk pork I get sick? Nopes, because it is so good it is certainly worth a little cleansing time.

Fun and joke aside, why do I yearn for pork so much when it is often not prepared to my likeness or makes me ill? Why do I even bother to yearn for this juicy, sweet, succulent trenton? Am I just not in control of myself and my desires or am I just predictably irrational?

What makes you irrational? Check out Dan Ariely’s video on the concept of being “Predictably Irrational” (link for video is on the right side next to this post).

For my non Jamaican readers please not that trenton is a term we use in Jamaica wen we talk about pork.

Until next time….One Love!!!!

2 thoughts on “My Love for the Trenton..

  1. I haven’t heard that word in YEARS!! I don’t eat shellfish and I sometimes dream of my mum’s steamed crab that she would get from some guy on the way to Spanish Town. I think that it may be the fond memories associated with the food that just won’t go away despite ill-effects, lol. I definitely feel you on this one.

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