What Does My Loyalty to Blackberry and PC Say About Me?

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Earlier this week I posted the following  Facebook status,

“This is a public service announcement. Microsoft

and RIM please take note” I am a loyal supporter

of the PC and the Blackberry and have no intention

of switching as I am not tempted by the many other

gadgets from the fruit family sneaking into my house.

My only complaint is that I need a boom box on which

to dock my Blackberry. Thanks again for your kind


One of my friends from grad school (Go GWU!!!!!) being her usual straight as an arrow self responded with,

” Perhaps if you progressed with the rest of mankind then you

would have your pick from the many audio compatible device

out there already – there’s a reason no one has developed such a

thing for a dying product line :)”

I did not bother to remind her that during our program she had to take her fruit branded product for repairs while my PC stood the test of time even though it was quite aged. That aside it got me to thinking and wondering what it says about me that I am not even slightly tempted to make the switch. My husband has bought into the fruity fantasy. He has the phone, the rectangular not quite a laptop and too big to be used as a camera gadget and is lobbying hard for us to acquire one of the ginormous desktops from this family of equipment. It has always been the case in our home that we each have individual laptops but all of a sudden we need a family desktop – to do what I know not. So, he has been converted. Thank heavens the store at the corner from our lane is crap so he doesn’t get distracted there.

But seriously, is my love for Blackberry and PC a sign that I do not like change. Am I antiquated or just not cool? Am I lazy and just cannot be bothered learning a new system? Yes I am rolling my eyes at you if you are even thinking of telling me “oh the fruity system is not difficult to learn”. After thinking about it for the last few days I realize that I am none of the above. I am simply loyal and firmly believe that if something is not broken then it doesn’t need to be fixed. My place of abode is in Jakarta but my friends and family are in Jamaica and the US and I keep in touch through BBM. It is reliable and effective. Why switch? Again I am rolling my eyes while the fruity fans try to tell me about Apps. I am not an App girl – I need the basics. Yes they are cool but I don’t miss them.

Have a great one everybody and hug someone with a Blackberry as you go about your business this week.

Until next time…….One Love.

11 thoughts on “What Does My Loyalty to Blackberry and PC Say About Me?

    • Harry,
      Thanks for stopping by. When one reads what’s taking place with RIM it can seem worrisome but the product concept is so good that it would baffle my mind if the company sat back and allowed it to fail. This is the reason I agree with you that RIM is merely going through a transition phase. Not sure if you are a football fan but RIM’s transition is simialr to that of Liverpool.

  1. Ugh! 😛 There’s so much hee-haw surrounding the significance of what type of gadget you have, it’s ridiculous. People like what they like and until they feel different, they won’t change. I have a simple dial and text phone. I don’t have money to waste on an i-gadget. Have owned them in the past, so I can use them, but not required. As a biased Canadian, I implore you to keep supporting the Blackberry! LOL!

  2. Good Lord! You are just like me… I adore my BlackBerry and am utterly devoted to PCs. Our old PC is still going after more than 10 years, but we do now have a beautiful new Mac… but it’s still a PC, not one of those gadgets. I live in Jamaica, but wherever I happened to be living… I am still wary (and perhaps a little scared by) all those apps…

  3. Hi Natalie, I don’t think that one has to be a purist in the world of gadgets. I think one has to use what is right for what one is doing and what is most cost effective where we are posted. It just so happens that I love graphics and media so Apple is easier for work on photos, music, etc. So I use apple computers. However considering we are in Jakarta and BB services are so cheap and is a great and cheap way to communicate I wouldn’t trade it as my first mobile phone. TD bought me an iPhone and it’s remained a gadget for fun. But not for communication. I like clicking on buttons instead of tapping on a screen! And you are lucky in a way to do without all the distractions of all the Apps. If you are happy and aren’t missing anything then who cares about all the other stuff? I love apple because of how user friendly it is and how much it simplifies things… but it’s never been because of all the hype. As a mac user of more than a decade (before it was even cool) I find all the hype funny…

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