Living in Indonesia has been rewarding in many respects but quite difficult for Natalie the career woman. While I have worked on a few projects I have not flourished career wise and have missed my political life like never before. After much thought, soul searching, gabs and listening to motivational videos it has finally dawned on me that:

1. I am brooding over what I think I have lost and not fully appreciating what I currently have.

2. While stuck pining for what I consider as my passion I am not allowing myself to find new passions and to truly enjoy the life I can possible live as an expatriate.

3. I am losing the spunk that has made me Natalie and that is scary.

Even though I am not fully there yet and still have days when I miss home and politics, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I see what has to be done to help me live and have a greater appreciation for my life. Thanks heavens my husband is understanding while I work through this process. My friend Diana who runs the website made a great point when she recently told me that fulfillment comes from within, not from external sources. There is no guarantee I will feel more fulfilled running home to Jamaica to be in the political fray.

As part of this self-journey it also struck me that I live in one of the most amazing countries in the world. Indonesia is a country with not only the most spoken languages but also with amazing cultures and sites to explore. The country is home to 8 World Heritage Sites, 7 of these sites are on the island of Java where we live. Outside of these heritage sites, Indonesia has a fascinating landscape, is diverse in its food, culture and beliefs. To date we have only scratched the surface in our travels around the country and I often complain about not liking this or that about being in Indonesia but what needs to happen is that I need to appreciate my now and smell the roses on the journey.

Many of you reading this blog may say what a spoiled child we have in Natalie and you would be quite right. Feel good knowing though that the non-spoiled Natalie is on the return. Over the next few months I will share stories and photos with you of our journeys and life in Indonesia.

Until next time….walk good!!!


* World Heritage Sites in Indonesia We have visited 2 so far: BOROBUDUR and the RAIN-FOREST OF SUMATRA.

* One of the audio books that is helping me along, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson Thanks to my fellow expat wife and Jamaican Patricia Haywood of for introducing me to the concept of my cheese being moved.

2 thoughts on “Life Anew

  1. I loved your posting today! We should all “bloom where we’re planted.” You are my inspiration! Please continue your blog!

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